$37.07 + Tax


$222.39 + Tax


$425 + Electric


$475 + Electric

Monthly Prime (December - March)

$2,600 + Electric


$2,100 + Electric

5-Month Special

$2,300 + Electric

6-Month Special (December - March)

Specials are payable in advance or at time of arrival. Annual rate is payable in advance or by November 1st of each year. Annual rate may be paid in two parts, half by November 1st and the balance by February 1st. All 5 to 6 month specials are due on day of check in. All deposits are pre paid rents and non-refundable. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


Current Annual Reservations will be renewed automatically on March 1st unless we are advised otherwise. New Annual Reservations and 5 or 6 month special reservations, for current residence may be made after January 1st and completed before March 1st thru June 1st. All others may make their 5 and 6 month and annual reservation starting on June 1st. We will take daily, weekly, and month to month reservations for the following year.

If you are not renewing your annual reservation, please let us know before March.

A deposit of $100.00 will be made at time of reservation for special rates. The balance of one month rent, or total of $400.00 ($460.00 depending on arrival date) will be required by October 1st to confirm your reservation. The balance of special to be paid at time of check-in. Monthly deposit will be one months rent which will apply to the last month of your stay. Your first month will be due at time of check in. Any reserved space that does not have one month rent paid before October 1st will be cancelled.
Thank you.

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